Interior Shades

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2. September 2023
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9. September 2023
slat roof
2. September 2023
outdoor roller shades
9. September 2023

Interior Shades

Interior Shades

Custom-made interior blinds at factory prices from germany

SOLARMATIC's innovative interior blinds impress with their diversity and multifunctionality. The interior roller blind is now more than a privacy screen with snap-in roller blind technology. Daylight-permeable models and curtains with a clear view are particularly popular. You can get it here directly from the manufacturer:

Roller blinds in XS format up to XXXL lengths of 36 m (!)

Pleated blinds up to 300 cm wide

Aluminum, wooden and bamboo blinds with 16-70 mm slat width

Vertical blinds and panel curtains and much more.

Above under "Products" you will find a complete overview of all models for the interior roller blind.

Interior blinds on the window

Also known as a room divider, the interior roller blind is more likely to be found on the window or other glazing. Since many are only familiar with classic roller blind fabrics, knowing about high-energy or sound-absorbing properties is not wrong. The most important advantages for the interior roller blind on the window include:

weather-independent and usable all year round

decorative spatial effect

e.g. in monument protection, no intervention in the facade design

more economical to buy and maintenance-free

Can be moved from bottom to top and energy-saving noise protection roller blinds with high incidence of daylight

Optimum darkening with just 3.3 cm high mini-cassette blinds

Affordable oblique and circular shading.

We would also be happy to advise you by telephone on your individual needs. Simply send us a photo of your situation to

Interior roller blind electric or rather manual?

Numerous customers are increasingly looking for an interior roller blind that can be operated electrically. The glass industry brings opulent glass surfaces, such as 17 m high and curved ones, onto the market. The external sun protection cannot solve this. SOLARMATICs XXL roller blinds extend 21 m from bottom to top. Our sun protection fabrics are adapted to the respective room situation as a heat protection shield. Sloping or curved window shapes, also overhead, are daily challenges as heat protection or blackout.





Interior roller blind for windows as a pleated blind

Customers are primarily looking for an interior roller blind for windows. The all-rounder "pleated blind" has priority. They are now considered true all-rounders and cling delicately to the glass pane. You can get these from €3.15 here in the online shop. The affordable "made-to-measure pleated blinds" are popular. The difference is no longer that big. And the advantages of making it individually made-to-measure lies in the large selection. This not only applies to the dimensions and type of fastening, but also the operating sides and types of operation and many types of curtains. This means that your sun blind also becomes a window decoration and privacy screen from the inside. In addition to screw mounting, there are also numerous "without drilling the window" options available. Adhesive and clamp mounting are popular here.



Sun blind inside without drilling

We will show you in detail which interior blinds can be installed quickly without drilling. First up are the pleated blinds with adhesive backing in the glazing rebate and the glazing bead blind 79a. You can now see the interior blinds everywhere without drilling. There are several reasons for this (see below). In addition to the attachment of the pleated blind, the different pleated blind fabrics are also important. You can find the most important differences and multi-functions of the fabrics in the interior roller blind configurator. This also applies to the attachment of the interior blinds without drilling. This is easily recognizable with every product. Highly energetic DUETTE honeycomb blinds can darken your window better and protect it from the heat. And in winter it is important to save on heating costs with DUETTE.



Custom made interior blinds

Set individual light accents with interior blinds made of aluminium, wood or bamboo. With slat widths from 16 to 70 mm and numerous colors, you can regulate the incidence of light and optimize the view. The interior blind is a classic and has been given more convenient modes of operation. Annoyingly windable and overly long cords are replaced by a chain hoist. The interior blind is a product of durability and reliability. You can choose from a huge selection of colors and slat widths, as well as materials. Choose your individual blind from over 500 types of slats. Tip: A 16mm interior blind looks more filigree and a 70mm more perspective.



Blinds directly from the manufacturer

Directly from the factory at a fair price - your interior blinds in the online shop The timeless classic can of course also be used as an interior blind on the door. A side guide is recommended so that the interior blind on the door does not swing back and forth. This allows you to tilt and open the door without the interior blind moving. The cable guide has no disadvantages. Only screw or clamp mounting is to be considered. We do not recommend drilling into your door. This gives you more design freedom. And as a tenant, it's not allowed to drill into the door with an interior blind anyway. Numerous clamp or adhesive holders make assembly easier for you.


Made-to-measure vertical blinds

SOLARMATIC's made-to-measure vertical blinds are ideal for shading large window areas. Choose between stylish window decorations, privacy blinds, anti-glare blinds or blackout blinds. Thanks to the 180 degree turn, the incidence of light can be optimally regulated. Countless color combinations, operating modes, slat widths and shapes make your slat curtains made to measure unique.



Made-to-measure panel curtains

Panel curtains are ideal for medium and large window areas. You can choose between being freely adjustable manually or, more conveniently, with an electric drive. You can choose from numerous panels with a wide variety of designs and color combinations. We have been manufacturers of panel and sliding curtains for over 30 years. You can get them here at reasonable factory prices. The panel curtain configurator includes the following highlights:

Top rail as desired, up to 7 tracks and infinitely connectable

also curved panel curtains, numerous accessories

individually manufactured panels made of fabric, textile screens or foil

interior shades


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