Roller Blinds

SOLARMATIC's roller blinds can do more than just look good. Thanks to innovative web technologies you can achieve:

  • completely new dimensions up to 36 m in length

  • Filigree cassettes of only 3.3 cm with a winding height of 220 cm

  • a high level of thermal and visual comfort.

Roller Blinds are considered good privacy and sun protection for sloping or round window shapes.

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for every weather with a clear view

Roller Blinds Patio

The combination of the Roller Blinds Patio with foil and screens is particularly popular. As sun protection fabric we recommend Serge 600 or Serge 1% with different opening factors.

In addition to the side roller blinds patio, we also carry:

Roller Blinds Outdoor

Outside, the roller blinds serve several purposes: Sun protection: Roller blinds for outdoor use are often used to protect against the harsh rays of the sun. They help reduce heat and glare, making outdoor spaces like patios, patios and pergolas more comfortable for relaxing and socializing. Privacy: Shades can provide privacy for your outdoor spaces, protect you from prying eyes and create a more intimate atmosphere. Weather Protection: External blinds are designed to withstand various weather conditions. They offer protection from rain, wind and even light snowfall, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even when the weather is less favourable.

cassette only 3.3 cm

Smallest Roller Blinds 

Mini Cassette Blinds with a cassette height of only 3.3 cm and a total height of 220 cm are our strength. Curtain in transparent or blackout.

SOLARMATIC's high-energy mini-cassette roller blind has a metalized film curtain. This ensures maximum thermal comfort in summer and winter. The energy-saving roller blind acts as a highly reflective heat protection shield in midsummer and saves on heating costs in winter. Wafer-thin but nevertheless robust fabric allows up to 2 m in height to be wound up in 3.3 cm. If you need more, you can use additional mini-cassette blinds. It can be operated with a chain hoist.

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