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External Venetian Blinds

Until 6,20 m high.

Even slanted external blinds for roof gables are no problem.

made of aluminum or wood

External Blinds

External blinds, also known as external blinds, combine the functions of privacy protection, light control, glare protection and summer heat protection ideal in a high quality product. A completely closed external blind protects you from unwanted views and thus ensures your privacy, just as you wish. Light and sun with fascinating effects and a unique feel-good ambience are achieved through the continuous rotation of the horizontal slat positioning. The line of sight to the outside is maintained.

And it's about maximum use of daylight while simultaneously protecting against glare. It ensures optimal working conditions in the office and is <b>energy-saving</b> effective. SOLARMATIC's custom-made external blinds with rail guides are manufactured with the greatest care and meet the highest standards of modern design, variety of colors and long-lasting functionality. 

even in special forms

External Window Blinds

Due to German building architecture, sloping shading is our daily business.

So it is not surprising that, in addition to the external window blinds, we also have other asymmetrical sun protection systems.

Anthracite external blind with flanged 80mm slats

Classic Version 80 mm of

Outdoor Venetian Blinds

The most popular are the outdoor venetian  blinds with flanged 80 mm slats and side guide rails. These are wind-stable and can be ordered up to 600 cm wide.

When it comes to the effectiveness of external sun protection, anthracite, gray and silver are very trendy.


Outdoor Venetian Blinds

SOLARMATIC's External Outdoor Venetian Blinds are available in 50 to 90 mm wide slats and numerous color nuances. There are no limits to the types of operation you can use.

Classic operating methods are the 230 V motor, or radio drive or wireless with solar. On the other hand, manual operating convenience is ensured using a bent crank or endless cord.

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How much do

External Venetian Blinds Cost?

All models can be configured in the German Online Shop for external blinds. You can order them directly there from just €89 including 19% VAT. Please feel free to send us your project inquiry with dimensions and a photo.

When determining your price, please take into account any protective covers, central controls, electrical and assembly costs that may be required.


For Listed

Historical Facades

In the realm of heritage conservation, the design of external blinds must be approached with the utmost consideration to ensure they do not disrupt the historical aesthetics. However, contemporary architectural styles and the functional needs of the buildings necessitate effective summer heat protection. Balancing these conflicting requirements, we resolve this challenge through discreet sunshade installations in heritage conservation.

Preserving the integrity of historical structures while adapting them to modern demands is a delicate task. The architecture of heritage buildings often embodies the essence of a bygone era, with intricate details, ornate facades, and a unique charm that should not be compromised. Yet, as these structures are repurposed for contemporary use, the need for efficient thermal control becomes apparent, especially during the scorching summer months.

Our approach to this dilemma involves the integration of unobtrusive sunshades. These innovative shading systems are designed to seamlessly blend with the architectural elements of heritage buildings, respecting their historical significance and ensuring they remain visually unobtrusive. Crafted with materials and colors that harmonize with the existing façade, these sunshades become an integral part of the building's aesthetics while providing much-needed protection from the sun's intense rays.

This synergy between heritage preservation and modern functionality is emblematic of our commitment to maintaining the cultural heritage of our architectural treasures. By harmoniously incorporating discreet sunshade solutions into heritage conservation, we not only safeguard the historical value of these buildings but also enhance their adaptability and sustainability for generations to come. In doing so, we celebrate the seamless integration of tradition and progress in architectural design, paying homage to the past while embracing the needs of the present.

Special solutions for

Curved Facades

Other systems of external blinds have been developed in Germany. These include systems that are sold exclusively through specialist retailers. As such, we are happy to advise you and deliver them at fair wholesale prices.

Please send us your inquiry with a photo or drawing and we will get back to you promptly about your project.