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Pleated Blinds

SOLARMATIC's highly reflective foil pleated blind is the ideal protection against glare and heat. The back of the thermal foil acts like a mirror due to the silver coating and reflects the heat, so that the room is pleasantly cool in summer. In winter, this layer has the exact opposite effect and you save on heating costs because the heat is not emitted outside through the glass. The white film also serves as a privacy screen if you want to be completely undisturbed.  Prices and models from € 65.

Save energy with beautiful DUETTE honeycomb blinds


Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are not honeycomb blinds. The difference is in the details. The durable DUETTE honeycomb pleated blinds quickly pay for themselves in summer and winter thanks to their energy-saving effect.

How can pleated blinds save energy? Quite simply: thermal pleated blinds nestle delicately against the window and are considered to be true all-rounders. Custom-made pleated blinds and the double honeycomb blinds DUETTE are unbeatably reflective. A new feature is an even narrower mini pleated blind with a depth of only 16 mm. The all-rounders shown below ensure an improved indoor climate. As perfect heat protection in summer and simultaneous protection against the cold in winter. This saves you the costly use of cooling loads and up to 12% heating costs. With the popular up&down technique, you can let a dose of daylight into the interior of the room. Here you save artificial lighting and again hard cash.

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Honeycomb DUETTE Shades

Honeycomb Blinds "DUETTE" are a strong international brand from the world market leader hunter douglas. As a system developer, hunter douglas delivers to manufacturers and these in turn to dealers. You can purchase these in our DUETTE online shop from as little as €53.

Honeycomb DUETTE Shades, also known simply as Duette Shades, are a type of window covering or window treatment manufactured by Hunter Douglas, a well-known company in the window treatment industry. These shades are designed to provide both style and functionality for your windows. The term "DUETTE" refers to the unique honeycomb structure of the shades. Unlike traditional blinds or shades, Duette Shades are constructed using a cellular design, which creates pockets of air within the cells. This design provides various benefits, including:

  1. Insulation in winter and summer

  2. Sound Absorption for better room acoustics

  3. Light Control

  4. Privacy 

  5. Aesthetics

  6. Cordless and Motorized Options


Modern day & night honeycomb blind with two different fabrics. Alternate colors or darken.

Ideal summer and winter heat protection are film pleated blinds for skylights from € 85.

filigree sizes up to 150 cm wide

Film pleated blinds

SOLARMATIC's highly reflective film pleated blind is the ideal glare and heat protection. The back of the thermal film acts like a mirror due to the silver coating, reflecting heat and keeping the room pleasantly cool in summer. In winter, this layer has the opposite effect, helping you save heating costs as the warmth is not released outside through the glass. The film also serves as a privacy screen when you want complete undisturbed privacy. The thermal film is available in white/silver. The room is darkened by the film but remains friendly and bright due to its white color.

Main arguments for the film pleated blind are:

Pleated Blinds

with your motif

SOLARMATIC's pleated blind with an individual motif is a practical sun and privacy protection that also keeps the temperature in the room low. Our decorative pleated blinds are printed with your desired motif and are suitable for a variety of different windows, including sloping ceilings. Partially open, they offer privacy on the ground floor so that the neighbors above cannot see into the apartment, while the lower part of the window can remain free. With our printed pleated blinds with a photo motif, you can also add great design accents to your home.

Which pleated blind motif can I use... You are welcome to design your pleated blind motif yourself, use your own photo motif, or purchase one from a photo database. We recommend sources such as Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. The photo must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi or be 5 MB in size. The fabric of the pleated blind can be easily cleaned by brushing or wiping with a damp cloth without the use of cleaning agents. The photo pleated blind is custom-made according to your preferences, and you will receive a preview image before your pleated blind is produced.

Pleated blinds with a motif are always an eye-catching and individual window decoration. You can choose between affordable standard prints or the custom motif. Standard motifs start from €39, and a custom design with your own motif starts from €150.

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Cozy and tranquil living atmosphere with Duette
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