Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Interior blinds with aluminum slats in 16 to 70 mm depth - individually made to measure. Many innovative operating options.

Which aluminum venetian blind for what? A rule of thumb: 16 mm slats for small windows with a filigree effect 25 mm slats as a classic aluminum slat 35, 50 and 70 mm slats for large windows up to 490 cm wide With its timeless aesthetics and enormous versatility, the aluminum blind remains an eternally young classic - for us too. The sophistication is combined with a high degree of variability. The new blind collection has been completely revised and shows the tried and tested basis of colors and surfaces. Different models and blind systems with new, sophisticated technology: the easy-glide Lift model or the LiteRise comfort control. We present 140 color positions in widths of 16, 25 or 50 millimeters, as well as skylight blinds in widths of 35 millimeters. With numerous slats, the upper heads and lower rails are colour-coordinated. SOLARMATIC's aluminum interior blinds are considered sustainable, stylish and innovative. In modern architecture, privacy and sun protection systems are sought that create accents in the interior of the room. In the case of living concepts with large window areas, individual solutions are used at the window. However, these can also be e.g. roller blinds or panels with a desired motif. They underline the modern look in the interior of the room. However, the focus is also on functionality. This includes optimal light regulation and high ease of use.

Wooden Blinds

German brand quality, operable with chain, cord, crank, or motor.

We combine the quality of our high-end wooden blinds with individual design, functionality, and ecological responsibility. From the play of light to the clear design language, the real wood blind remains a multifunctional natural product. SOLARMATIC's wooden blinds are available in 25-70 mm slat widths. Various wood stains or diverse color nuances complete the product range offered by the blind manufacturer SOLARMATIC. Configure your custom wooden blinds starting from €38. As the manufacturer of interior wooden blinds, we take pride in creating truly unique room effects. The 50 mm wooden blind in white is the classic among interior wooden blinds. Choose your individual slat between stained, matte, or high-gloss finishes. As one of the most reliable providers online for wooden blinds, we have been producing internal blinds, slats, and various types of blinds for almost three decades. With our wooden blind, your window takes on a customized appearance. Each horizontal wooden blind is crafted with great attention to detail and tailored to your specific preferences.

Bamboo Blinds

Our venetian blinds with real bamboo slats can be ordered in 25 and 50 mm. Popular operating modes are cord with torsion bar or the motor.

The slanting bamboo blinds and the installation without drilling, directly on the window, are also very popular. Your individually custom-made bamboo blind is always an eye-catcher. This fascinating natural product on the window is usually ordered with 50 mm slats. Bamboo slats are significantly lighter than wooden slats. Another advantage is their suitability for humid environments. SOLARMATIC's 50 mm bamboo slats are now also custom-made for angled windows. Especially bamboo blinds for slanted windows have high aesthetic demands. You can order the custom-made bamboo blinds just like aluminum blinds. This means with cord guidance or free-hanging, and with numerous mounting options. With SOLARMATIC interior shading solutions, you are opting for a unique product quality with a 5-year warranty. We offer a wide variety of attractive interior shading options with an extensive selection of materials, colors, models, designs, and operating variations. According to your preferences, they are custom-made and delivered to your home quickly and reliably. Configure your custom bamboo blind now...

Aluminium Venetian Blinds made to measure

Enhance Your Living Spaces with Custom-Made Aluminum Venetian Blinds

In the realm of interior design, modern aluminum, wood, or bamboo blinds play a pivotal role in creating personalized lighting accents within living spaces. Choosing blinds with 16 to 70 mm wide slats and a myriad of colors allows you to craft an ambiance that resonates with your style.

Innovative Features and Installation

 Highly sought-after, the tensioned blinds seamlessly fit into window frames without the need for drilling. Innovative window blind controls eliminate the hassle of tangled cords. SOLARMATIC's contemporary blinds offer durability and reliability, presenting a spectrum of colors, slat widths, and materials for your selection. Opt for a 16mm internal blind for a delicate look or a 70mm variant for enhanced visibility. Alternatively, wood and bamboo blinds introduce a natural atmosphere, with their textures, materials, and colors gaining popularity in interior decor.

Energy-Efficient Choices

The flexibility of adjustable slats aids in preventing overheating during summer, while also conserving energy in winter. Energy-efficient blinds, like those with rear coatings or daylight control features, contribute to improving your window's overall energy balance. SOLARMATIC's diverse range of slat colors and widths offers immense creative potential for your window blinds, ensuring an enjoyable experience with your chosen product.

Specialized Options

Explore the lesser-known yet highly effective composite window blinds, mounted within dual-frame windows for optimal heat protection. Installing blinds on the inner side of the first window enhances both heat insulation and ease of operation. Additionally, the option of a flexible tilt rod adds to the blinds' maneuverability. In-window blinds with various mounting options, including clamping, are currently on-trend, saving you from drilling and potential disputes with landlords. This setup creates a visually delicate appearance, especially when side-guided, allowing the window to be tilted without obstructing the overall aesthetic.

Variety in Material and Mounting Options

Our BLINDS online shop offers a wide range of window blinds in various materials and operating mechanisms. Custom-made window blinds, starting from as low as €4/piece, prove that tailored solutions need not be expensive. Whether you opt for clamping, adhesive, or screw mounting, it is evident when blinds are custom-fitted to the window frame, a mark of quality that need not break the bank.

Electrically Operated Custom Blinds

For those seeking a modern touch, our electric blinds, available in aluminum, wood, or bamboo, offer options of 24Volt or 230 Volt power supply. The Motion series, a wireless and battery-operated system, stands out as a popular choice. Starting at approximately €145, configure your electric blinds according to your preferences for a seamless and convenient experience.

Drill-Free Solutions for Rental Homes

Perfect for rental homes, various no-drill interior blinds options are showcased in our drill-free blinds section. Ensuring residue-free removal upon departure, our upper and lower clamping brackets provide stability for your custom-sized blinds. These tried-and-tested solutions guarantee easy installation and peace of mind.

Custom-Made Blind Maintenance

A custom-made window blind is instantly recognizable by its precise dimensions, individual control side, operating mechanism, and lateral tensioning. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or a gentle brush, followed by vacuuming, ensures the longevity of your internal blinds. Stubborn dirt can be wiped away with a damp cloth, and aluminum blinds can be soaked in a mild detergent solution for a thorough cleaning. Remember, avoid excessive bending of aluminum slats, and keep mechanical elements away from water. Just as there are specialists for clothing care, there are experts in the field for cleaning and maintaining blinds.

In conclusion, SOLARMATIC invites you to discover the perfect window blind tailored to your unique style, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also functional excellence.