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Patio Sun Shades

until 15 x 7,5 m .

bioclimatical pergola

Slat Roof 

The slat roof meets the highest demands for all-weather protection for terraces. With the patented curtain division, on both sides, you modulate the light to measure. The cubic rolling roof is the symbiosis between living outside and inside.

Our largest slat roof has an uncoupled individual width of up to 10 m.

Make your favorite spot reversible and finally use it all year round. With your new slatted roof, you can enjoy even more quality of life. You have earned it!

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Patio Awning to 30m long

Over 100 years of experience have gone into the windproof and free-standing awnings. Approximately 5000 individual productions with the wind-stable scissor-arm awnings are evidence of brilliant and mature technology. Especially in the outdoor season, they have to withstand all weather conditions as a guest area almost all day long. Every scissor-arm awning used as a patio roof is always a custom-made product. Please send us your request to We react promptly.

vertical awnings 

Zip Screen for Patio

SOLARMATIC's Zip Screen for Patio is an ingenious solution for all-weather protection for patios. The zip screens are considered to be very stable in the wind and provide a further perspective. The rollable Zip Screens for Patio are available with different mesh sizes. They can be not only sun protection, but also an insect repellent

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