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Angle Top Blinds 

Blinds for Angled Windows

Anyone who is familiar with typical roller blinds from the hardware store, but is confronted with asymmetric or large windows at home, can not ignore custom-made roller blind special solutions. To the Galery of angle tops

We are headquartered near Berlin and supply our exotic roller blinds worldwide. With 130 employees, the family business of the Schieferdecker Brothers is a medium-sized and owner-managed business. In particular façade engineering companies, metal constructors, conservatory builders and blinds manufacturers are using the possibilities offered by the special roller blind solutions from our company. To the models of angle blinds


Shades for Arched Windows

Among our Shades for curved windows, we offer awnings, roller shutters, outdoor and indoor blinds, as well as vertical and horizontal blinds.

In our gallery, you can find numerous examples of shades for arched windows. These serve as sun protection, blackout solutions, glare reduction for computer workstations, or simply as privacy screens. Our multifunctional window coverings can also fulfill additional requirements such as high standards in room acoustics, fire resistance, hygiene, and more. Explore the diverse range of possibilities offered by SOLARMATIC® here now.

Shades and Roller Blinds

From Bottom Up

up to 21 m high

SOLARMATIC® is considered a specialist in roller blinds that move from bottom to top. Starting from small window sizes to large glazing. In the upper lintel area, the roll-up mechanism or box is often unsuitable. We solve this..

To all Systems of Roller shades from buttom up

Atrium or

Glass Roof Blinds

up to 36 m long

These include very small roller blind boxes, very large electrical operated XXL-blinds, semi-circles or just blinds that go from the bottom to up. Many of these special roller blind solutions have been developed especially for the the one of a kind window. These blinds serve several purposes: Glass roofs can allow a lot of sunlight into a space, which can lead to glare and excessive heat. Roof blinds help control the amount of sunlight entering a room, reducing glare and maintaining a more comfortable temperature. By blocking out direct sunlight, these blinds can help regulate the temperature inside a conservatory or room with a glass roof.

For winter gardens and 

Triangle Window Blinds

and Glass Roof Roller Blinds

The special slanted shadings run according to the counter-pull principle. This means they can also extend from bottom to top or horizontally.

More details about this product you find here.

An experienced Team for

Special Solutions

in German Brand Quality

Over 32 years of experience, long-standing employees and an owner-managed family business speak for us. We have a 30,000 square meter industrial site on the outskirts of Berlin.

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Sun Protection for Monuments
Gable Roller Blinds