Basket Awning

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18. September 2023
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Basket Awning

Basket Awning

Unmissable when looking to promote a store-front or brand on the facade of a building and one of classics of the exterior awnings. Give free rein to your imagination with the customization of the fabric. Very resistant, the fabric of the valance is easily personalized (inscription, logo, …) to be visible from afar.

No longer compromise between elegance and resistance. The aluminum structure of our awnings is robust and supports external aggressions (inclement weather, UV, …).

We offer following types of basket awnings: 

Its shape provides sun protection on the side of the window. This type of awning fits perfectly on buildings with classic architecture.

Basket awnings are available in various shapes. Optionally, they can be finished with a valance of various shapes of 15 cm high.

The offered basket awnings are a perfect solution for gastronomic establishments and service and commercial outlets, which provides its consumers with protection against rain and sun and constitute an excellent medium for a logo or advertising graphics.

Technical description of aluminum awnings:

  • the frame is made of an aluminum profile 15 x 55 mm;
  • plastic angular connection;

height of chamfered sides: 1050, 1200, 1350 and 2200 mm

chamfered sides: 1050, 1200, 1350 and 2200 mm