special shaped blinds

XXL-sizes and asymmetrical blinds

special blinds

SOLARMATIC´s solutions for big measurements and asymmetrical windows are diverse.

Shades nearly all window forms: our oblique blinds made in Strausberg.


Unusual roller blinds

special solutions in XXL and Xs- sizes ...

Anyone who is familiar with typical roller blinds from the hardware store, but is confronted with asymmetric or large windows at home, can not ignore custom-made roller blind special solutions. These include very small roller blind boxes, very large electrical operated XXL-blinds, semi-circles or just blinds that go from the bottom to up. Many of these special roller blind solutions have been developed especially for the the one of a kind window.

We are headquartered near Berlin and supply our exotic roller blinds worldwide. With 130 employees, the family business of the Schieferdecker Brothers is a medium-sized and owner-managed business. In particular façade engineering companies, metal constructors, conservatory builders and blinds manufacturers are using the possibilities offered by the special roller blind solutions from our company....

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XXL-sizes and asymmetrical blinds

The experts and manufacturers of roller blind special solutions

As our blinds are multifunctional you can combine:

  • Privacy
  • Sun protection
  • Glare shield
  • Soundproofing
  • Insect protection
  • Darkening
  • Light protection.

Prices for roller blind special shapes as special solutions

Anyone who has an asymmetrical window knows that this was more expensive to buy than a normal rectangular window. Especially on facades, Art Nouveau villas, a.s.o. that becomes very clear. And of course that’s the way it is with a custom-made  roller blind in the category „special solution“ too.


SOLARMATIC’s oblique shading was developed for unusual glazing and places considerably higher demands on summer heat insulation than on conventional window forms. We subdivide slanted shadows into oblique shapes and in oblique inclination angles. F.ex., for sloping ceilings in the living area could be the desire either for translucent sun protection or the highest possible darkening. We have specialized in the shading of triangular and trapezoidal windows for more than a quarter of a century. Our roller blinds can also be operated from down to up or in the horizontal way.

Sun protection for sloping windows

Sunshade at an angle

Anyone who decides for an oblique shading from the outside achieves a better summery heat protection but must also accept higher acquisition and maintenance costs. Slanted blinds for inside and oblique awnings for outside are textile sun protection systems. You will find that applications for sloping glazing, pitched dormers and side fronts on conservatories. As lateral winter garden shading f.ex. a vertical blind, an aluminum blind or a laterally rolling awning can be installed.

Oblique shading inside

If you prefer the oblique shading from the inside and use high reflecting fabrics from SOLARMATIC, the purchase prices are much lower and can be used regardless of the weather. Most popular here are two side by side installed triangular shadings which as a total size protect a trapeze for large roof gable glazing’s from the sun. Thus, even large-scale trapezoidal windows with darkening or sunscreen fabrics are possible. Horizontal and cable-guided trapezoidal awnings and trapezoidal blinds can be combined to form a full circle as skylight or glass pyramid shading.

Oblique shading prices

Triangular shading is most common in windows or glazing’s in sloping ceilings, which must be shaded or darkened. The cheapest are the internal blackouts or sunshades. We deposit prices here with the respective type . Sloping systems are most common for triangular or trapezoidal window shapes.

The prices vary from 29 € to 800 € / sqm.

Triangular awning or triangular blind?

The triangular awning is used as a triangular exterior roller blind and is usually at three times the price of interior triangle blinds. On the outside you have the better sun protection but the high-reflecting textile blinds with metallic coated fabrics to the outside are a very efficient summer thermal protection too. Custom made shades by the experienced manufacturers SOLARMATIC make this possible. The competence team of the specialist for oblique shading systems has more than 25 years of experience. complex exterior roller blinds are manufactured with handcrafted accuracy and quality, and, if desired, also installed by our factory fitters or specialist partners.

Sun protection for special formed windows

Many people ask us why it should be so complicated. Of course, depending on the overall size and the roller blind system, we use primarily high-tensile and tension-resistant technical textiles. We are confident and experienced with the top product “Soltis 92” or the even more transparent sister “Soltis 86”. Our product group “Textilscreens” is the toughest shade fabric that works as sunshade for pitched windows.

Oblique shadings from inside or outside?

From the cost side the internal oblique shading are clearly in the foreground. Particularly popular here are heat-reflecting sloped vertical blinds, interior blinds made of wood and aluminum or the very popular pleated blinds. Exterior blinds made of fabric or aluminum are available in many designs. These are priced much higher, but are also the much more efficiently sunscreen. There are Asyflex exterior blinds with aluminum alloy slats, rigid slats as Wendoflex, slanted awnings and inclined blinds.

The roller blind as oblique shading for a triangular window

In the past, for reasons of thermal engineering, small and symmetrical windows were installed in the gable, but today, with the availability of well-insulated windows, the architects trie to replace the entire surface of the wall with these modern glazing’s. This brings more light into the rooms and is part of modern glass architecture. With the higher illumination of the rooms on the one side on the other side come also problems regarding privacy, sun protection, sound insulation and darkening in the fore. Awnings, operate from bottom to top in the roof slopes, affect much more open-pored with their translucent textile screens. Even with glass roof pyramids, the individual triangular shadings rise conically upwards and close the whole circle.